In this heart-warming, empowering picture book, Snug Bug is the only bug with big, wide eyes, a wibbly-wobbly mouth, pokey hair, and bent tentacles piled way-way-way-up on his head. Teased and lonely, he sets out to find friends who look like him. The bugs he finds—Worm, Roly Poly, and Ladybug—don’t look like him at all, but they want to be friends! Through their friendships, Snug Bug learns three powerful things: self-love, self-confidence, and the power of kind words. Snug Bugs rushes home to pass on these lessons, excited about more playdates with Worm, Roly Poly, and Ladybug—and all the new friends he’ll make now. For Ages 3-7.



8.5" x 8.5"

Written by Andree Prendergast

Illustrated by Jack Wiens

Publisher by Kids Play Press 2020

ISBN-13:  9780997886030