Kids Play Press produces fun, thoughtful, and imaginative children's books for kids of all ages. These stories, all authored by Andree Prendergast, send positive and good messages to children (and adults as well), about home and family, and the importance of love, kindness, faith, courage, and friendship in our lives. There is always a little mystery, suspense, and adventure mixed in each one of our children's books, encouraging curiosity and exploration, which in turn promotes reading and learning.

My Latest Book - Snug Bug Makes New Friends

In this heart-warming, empowering picture book, Snug Bug is the only bug with big, wide eyes, a wibbly-wobbly mouth, pokey hair, and bent tentacles piled way-way-way-up on his head. Teased and lonely, he sets out to find friends who look like him. 

Snug Bug Makes New Friends children's book by Andree Prendergast. 

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